One leg longer than the other?

Discussion in 'General Bike Discussion' started by bikingbeau, Aug 10, 2009.

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    I've recently started riding in my old cycling shoes again after hacking around in running shoes for a couple years (just commuting), and I'm experiencing the strange sensation that I'm reaching far more with my right leg than my left. It's either because one leg is longer, my hamstrings are tighter on one leg, or my right foot is much further forward on the pedal.

    I've checked the cleats, and they appear to be positioned the same on both shoes, but could the shoes be slightly different? How do you know if one leg is longer?
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    A doctor can tell you if you have one leg longer or shorter than the other. Most people actually do. They can take an x-ray of you standing straight up and your hip bones will tell the true story. I have one leg that is a little longer and they recommended a 1mm heel lift in my shoe but of course i thought that was stupid so i dont wear it. Your shoes could be worn funny to i suppose. Try changing insoles. Also, if you feel you are "reaching" sometimes it can be saddle height too (too high).