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Top notch fork. Great qualities to it. Absolutely 0 complaints from myself, or the local shop (One of the top tier high end Specialized, YETI, and Intense shops in the country...) and they have nothing but awsome things to say about them.

And may I ask, why is it your looking for the lightest 6in fork. You can cut a whole slew of weight out by sticking with a 4-5 in travel fork. 4-5 in travel forks in today's world work just as good as the old 6-7in travel forks. Technology has come a long long way. Maverics are well, outdated currently. Sure they work absolutely awsome, but for the price, you are getting something that was a massive technology leap in 2006ish, but now, with the current single crown forks you can get much much better.

The new fox forks, the new zocchi forks. X fusion makes some decent forks. Look around. There are also a lot of draw backs from having a welded crown in dual crown forks. You won't be able to replace individual legs like you can with shivers, avalanche forks etc. So if you crash and bent up the legs your stuck buying an entire set of legs and lower crown.

Also, you have to remember, no matter how wide they are, they are still a dual crown fork. Your turning radius goes to hell and back. Might not be that important on DH being we generally go in more of a straight line, but with an all mountain / climbing bike, its nice to be able to really crank the bars to get around stuff. Reason I like my shivers over my 888's is because I can turn literally almost twice as much. I also have to deal with the added weight of the shivers when I do switch, but the turning radius and low stance quickly makes up for it.

btw I noticed you were up in Chico. Tell the guys at the SN brewery the boys from budweiser said hi. If you ever wanna do some dh type riding let me know. Been meaning to go up and see some of my co workers up at SN and get out on the bike.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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