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Many of you know I am a history buff. As such I am also a donor and a volunteer to the Sioux City Public Museum system.

I normally do not disclose the historical topics and sites I research until it is completed and published. But this time I need help with one.

I will be conducting an oral history of the local bike shop. I will interview the 2 owners about its history. I will create a chronology of the shop from its beginning to present day. I know the shop started as a motorcycle dealer/shop, later it was both motorcycles and bicycles and now it is just bicycles. It has also been in business since the mid 1920's. It was one of the owners dad who started the business, he now runs it with his son.

The interview will be recorded on tape and given to the Sioux City Public Museum for use in their research center, to be transcribed, published and accessible to/by the public and used in exhibits.

The parameters of the oral history is it has to do with the bike shop, its history and its impact or effect on Sioux City, Iowa. I know this sounds pretty narrow, but the public museum cannot have a lot of tangents in the interview that do not pertain to the subject, in this case the bike shop, and/or Sioux City, Iowa.

Aside from the chronology I need some good interview questions to ask about the shop. This is what I am asking for help from you for. If you would please provide some questions to ask.

Thank you.
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