Painting frame and forks

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    Hi 2spokers. I've disassembled and stripped the paint from an old Jamis Dakota
    mtb. bought back in '86. At the time it was a $500+ bike. Moving on to other pursuites and bikes, it's hung in the polebarn for the last 20yrs. My experience in painting is limited to rattle cans, and I've had some pretty good results. Once I'm finished w/ all the prep work I plan to give it 3 light coats of Dupli-Color self etching primer. I really like the stuff having used it as the base coat on other projects. I think I'm going to go w/ florescent green (lime green/grabber green)w/ florescent orange(bright Chevy orange) accents. I'll be taking the bike in my big truck while I'm out on the road during the week. Like those BRIGHT colors so I'm seen. Plan on using Dupli-Color engine paint for a number of reasons. Enamel seems to hold up better than lacquer, especially engine paint. I have been satisfied w/ DC paint in other projects. The two colors I want to use are avail. in the engine paints. Have any of you done a similar project, and what were your results? All advise is appreciated. I'll be updating some of the components but overall it will remain pretty much as is mechanically. Rides very nice. Has CrMo forks and frame. doesn't look much different from road bikes of that era, just slightly larger tubes and geometry. I didn't do any "before" pics, will post the "after" pics when finished.
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    It's a 20+ year old Jamis, so I wouldn't be too concerned about using a rattle can to paint it. Should be fine.