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Been prowling around Home Brew Talk and received an invite to come here.

TwoSpoke must have heard that I need to re-ignite a previous obsession... Mountain Biking.

Since graduating college I've had LOTS more time, but DAMMIT no discipline to ride.

I could blame being blessed with a happy marriage, and becoming a father, but I won't. I am grateful for these.

Oh, I've gone on a few rides with buddies, and held them back as they wait for this pale, overweight, hairy boat anchor to catch up to them.

With HBT I've become a better brewer. Since registering with TwoSpoke, I will be among other cyclists, and plan to become a cyclist again.

Thanks for having me

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Welcome to TS from COS!!

FYI, cycling is a VERY good way to get in shape. I have been "back" into it now for about 1 3/4 years, and I have lost between 140 & 150 lbs. Some of that was dieting, but A LOT of it was from cycling. In December of 2007 I weighed 375+ lbs, I now weigh around 230 lbs. Best of luck on your new lifestyle!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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