Pedal/Cleat theory

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    What are the advantages of various pedal/cleat systems? I use SPD's right now and wonder if the limited contact surface could lead to foot numbness.
  2. hophead

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    That's gonna have more to do with your shoes and whether or not your pedals have a platform than the type of interface. Small pedals and flexy shoes can cause foot pain/numbness. Stiff soled shoes are going to act like platform pedals and should be more comfortable to ride in, especially on longer rides.

    SPD's are probably the most popular pedal/shoe interface out there. I used them for a couple of years, but switched to eggbeaters for their ability to work under poor conditions like snow/ice/mud. Most clipless systems work pretty much the same. As long as the Shimano's are working well for ya, I'd stick with em.

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    Shoes will make all the difference. High end shoes (from any company) use a much much stiffer shoes than the cheap recreational ones. Stiffer soles means more power transfer and less pressure points. If you like SPD's and experience numbness/soreness either try moving your cleats or upgrade your shoes. Amazing difference with high quality shoes.
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    Look for me

    My first pair of cycling shoes after moving up from the toe clip/strap system were a pair of inexpensive SPDs. After using them for a year I began having a knee problem and decided to go to a cycle shop that offered a professional bike fit. They made numerous changes in positioning of my seat, changed out my front handlebar stem for a shorter one, and suggested changing my shoes to a more expensive shoe with the Look system. The reasoning was that the larger shoe to pedal surface would provide more stability and less movement which would telegraph up my leg to my knee. After making the changes I have had no more knee problems.
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    Just replaced my old SPD shoes with a new pair and what major difference it made! No more numbness on the ball of the foot and I can ride all day without pain. I was a long time user of cage straps, but have converted over to clipless. Just adjust them correctly, with my new shoes I had to make minor adjustments to the cleat and angle on the bottom of the shoe to get it to fit right. Its is worth the extra time in the long run.