Pedals and shoes for a Specialized Roubaix

Discussion in 'Road Bikes' started by Barmy, Oct 11, 2009.

  1. Barmy

    Barmy New Member

    I'm new to cycling shoes and pedals. I'm buying a Specialized Roubaix and want reasonably priced pedals and shoes ( I have to be able to walk in the shoes). Any suggestions?

  2. bantam700

    bantam700 New Member

    If you want something that is easy to walk in look for mountain bike shoes, I rode a couple years with just a basic pair of shimano spd mountain pedals and shoes and they worked fine.

  3. jeepster93

    jeepster93 New Member

    I am using mountain bike shoes from Specialized and spd style road bike pedals from Welgo (really, really cheap on ebay).
    The shoes ...walking in them is...possible...but they are not made for that, they ARE better than road shoes, but still, not really for walking. Don't let the fact that they have traction bottoms fool you, not walkers! You can hear the cleat crunching on every step, not good for floors either.
    The pedals...were cheap at like $25 delivered, with sealed bearings and weights very little, but do have a good amount of heel float, which is kind of irritating on a road bike, where it is necessary on a mountain bike.

    That is what I use...Better that pure road equipment, but not perfect.
  4. Xela

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    Yep, definitely agree with Bantam. Don't think just b/c you have a road bike, you have to get road pedals. Road shoe soles are usually stiffer than MTB soles, meaning they are more uncomfortable. Plus, road cleats are usually bigger and more obtrusive than mtn cleats.
  5. vitapimp

    vitapimp New Member

    i am wearing an old pair of soccer turf shoes. they grip the pedals well and work for me. similar to this style...