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Are you looking for new one or an original vintage model? The only new ones that I know of being made are in California, see:

Vintage models are usually found in antique stores and are usually going for around $1,800 USA. Once a year in June Canada has a Canadian Vintage Bicycle Show, this year to be held at 95 Tutela Heights Rd in Brantford at the Heritage View Farm on the 24th of June between 7am to 6pm, and will cost $5 to get in.

Have you ridden one of these Penny Farthings before? They don't stop like modern bikes because they don't have brakes like what we have, and use a lever to push against the tire which caused it to flip if over applied, and are difficult to ride. If you haven't seen these two videos, you may find them interesting; see:

Part 1: [ame][/ame]


Part 2: [ame][/ame]

Bike fit is important just like with todays bikes, note the video and the riders legs, he has a slight bend in the leg with the pedal is at the 6 oClock position similar to today's bicycles! The fit is all about the size of the front wheel as explained in the video.
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