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    Does anyone think a simple build would be possible by taking a particular power tool like a rechargable drill, then clamp it in such a way to be up against your tire so it makes the bike tire move, and hook the charger part to a car battery you strap to the bike......

    Seems to me like with all the various types of power tools you can plug in this would have to work with at least something

    You could get a direct current to alternating current converter for the car battery to plug in the power tool like a regular appliance
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    Power drills really aren't made for sustained use and car batteries are heavy. You would probably burn up the motor & bushings fairly quickly. Try one of these.
    You will need to get a charger and Lithium Ion batteries. Don't bother with the NiMH. They will not provide enough power.

    I have one of these chainsaws and it works amazingly well. Since it drives a chain, it should be fairly easy to rig up to a bike.

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    It would be feasible but the problem would be with the length of time the power supply would last. First you are adding the weight of a car battery ~60 lbs. Then the 12 volt inverter that will turn the power from dc to ac ~ 10 lbs. The tool, the best option is a higher torque 1/2 inch drive drill motor ~10-20lbs. Bracketry to mount it all ~5-15lbs.

    Right off you are looking at 85 to 100lbs. Then you have to look at the longevity of the power supply. Power invertoers work well because they are attached to a running vehicle with the alternator constantly putting a charge to the battery. and the tool is used intermittently. In a situation like you are thinking the drill motor will be on constantly quickly draining the power from the battery.

    There is a solution. Add an alternator 10-15lbs and more brackets 5-10lbs. Set it up so that you can release the drive of the drill and engage the alternator drive to charge the battery as you coast down a hill, or as you pedal. It would be a major ride for you though pulling an extra 100-150lbs plus the drag of the alternator.

    While it can be done you see the difficulties of the idea. That is why most people use a small 2 stroke gas motor as an alternate power source instead of their legs.
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    What if you could get a portable screwdriver rigged up so that once your going really fast and it doesn't have to work as hard to increase your velocity you can use it as a booster 1:1
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    I would acree with Hophead the chainsaw would be more durable.
    if you got a front freewheel and used a bike with gears
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    Yes cordless drill powered bike are already here, have a look....

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Z8dFlVNrY8]YouTube - Drill-Powered Bike[/ame]

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8abvlYHK3Q&feature=related]YouTube - DPX Systems cordless drill powered mini bike[/ame]

    I dare say you could rig up an old drill from a car boot sale and give it a go, its something iv'e thought about after seeing these video's.

    Iv'e just completed my electric push trailer :D I'll have to do a post and show it off...


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    To the OP - a small motor probably wouldn't have enough torque to make the effort worthwhile.

    To Hophead - you must have smaller trees than me. Anything approaching the thickness of my wrist bogs that saw down. I have the whole Ryobi kit though, so I just use a demo blade in the Sawzall.
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    If your going to waste money just go buy a motor and attach it. Don't waste power tools.
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    Not sure of the intended application?


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    I suppose the intent is to transport a chainsaw with a human powered vehicle.
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