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Pregnant and Riding

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I have a friend that's about 7 weeks along in her pregnancy and still riding. She's sticking to easier trails now, like Forest Hill Divide in Auburn and hope to ride until it's uncomfortable and dangerous. Any thoughts of riding and pregnancy? (I could/hope to be in the same situation in less about a year and hope to still ride.)
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Riding with a bike seat attachment for your child can be safe if you follow proper precautions and guidelines. Ensure the seat is age and weight appropriate, compatible with your bike, and has necessary safety features. Stick to low-traffic areas, wear helmets, and be aware of the bike's balance with the added weight. Consult with experts or experienced cyclists for specific advice, and listen to your body during pregnancy to ensure safe and comfortable riding. Enjoy your cycling adventures with your family!
Can You Ride a Bike While Pregnant: Is It Safe?
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