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My wife and I were discussing nutrition earlier today. We are trying to eat healthier and are basing our diet on the food pyramid. I am trying to eat better. We eat cereals and grains. I have reduced my meat intake and have switched more towards fish. My wife brought up my dislike of vegetables. She said I really need to increase my fruit and vegetable intake. I argued, but she says I am wrong. What do you think?

This is my thinking

Red = Raspberry
Pink = Strawberries
Yellow = Corn
Green = Broccoli
Blue = Blueberries
Orange = Oranges
Purple = Blackberries

So if I eat 11 servings of Lucky Charms I will get 11 servings of grains and should put a huge dent in the number of servings of fruits and vegetables I need to eat.

She says the color of the marshmallows do not mean they are the equivalent to a fruit or vegetable.

Which of us is right? Me saying I get my daily requirements by eating different colored marshmallows or Her saying I need to eat real fruits and vegetables.

I have $5 on this need your input.

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Well Lucky Charms do use whole grain cereal right? hahahah. I hate veggies too but i will eat what my wife fixes if i get to ride my bike and take my Jeep out whenever i want. Give and take man, give and take.
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