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So right now I have a redline proflight 24 and it has been sitting for a couple months with two flat tires :( Now that summer is finally coming around, I am going to be riding my bike to and from school/work when I can. Right now my bike is pretty much stock except for S&M handlebars and a 3pc crank (not sure the brand). It's a pretty long crank because I used to do a lot of dirt riding and up hills. As of now I am just going to be doing 95% street riding.

So for making my bike a little more street friendly, I was thinking about putting a larger front sprocket and new tires. For the sprocket, I believe I have a 41t and it's pretty low. I was thinking of putting a 43t or a 45t for more top end. Do you think I will notice a larger chainwheel?

Also for tires, what do you guys recommend? I want something that is durable and is puncture resistant (i hate changing flats).

Thanks :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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