Quads and Clipless Pedals

Discussion in 'Training / Health' started by Comko, Jul 20, 2009.

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    Right now I ride without clipless pedals. I don't know the exact terminology of the thigh-muscles group, so I'll refer to them as front thigh muscles and back-thigh muscles.

    I feel like the front-thigh muscles are getting stronger than the back-thigh muscles. Is this normal?

    If I get clipless pedals (and use them correctly) will it start improving my back-thigh muscles as well or do I need to do additional gym training (like when you lay on your front, have weights attached to your feet, then you curl you feet back above your back-thighs, thus developing the back-thigh muscles)?
  2. allezane

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    clip ins are waaaaaaay better. without them you can only use your quadracepts which are the muscles on your upper legs on the front and. your calves. and your glutes. with clip ins your feet are attached so you can pull up on the pedals using the muscles in your shins and also your hamstrings. ive even had a change of endurance in my abs since i changed. your quadracepts are also the only muscle that can raise your heart rate so high that you can puke. clip ins help maintain a good heart rate because you can cycle through your muscle groups. got my first clip ins a month ago :D

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    Woah... 8 month old thread... but good points, allezane. With clipless, your force is not limited to only pushing down on the pedals.