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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by skywalker, Aug 17, 2010.

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    I just got a 2009 cannondale6-5 with SHIMANO 105 and ultegra rear derailleur.It was smooth as can be and climbs hills like no body's business.Light and fast using cannondales use of carbon fiber rear triangle and front forks.Have put on a 1000miles on this bike no crashes and bike stored inside.Iam hearing some noise in the steering and when i hit the front brakes and move the bike forward and backwards with the front brake engaged i hear some creaking noise like play in the steering.I tightened down the top Bolt but the play is still there.Any one have an answer.:confused::confused::eek:
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    Did you loosen the stem clamp before tightening the top cap?

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    How long have you had the bike? You may be able to take it back in for a free look see.

    In addition to what Industry Hack said above, also check the front wheel to make sure the skewer is tighten correctly. To adjust the skewer, open it up then adjust it by tightening the skewer until you start feeling friction or resistance when the skewer is half way between fully open and fully closed. Then close the skewer and retest bike.