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I'm pretty laid back on what I am called unless it is a high school kid working a register. If they call me "bro", "babe", "love", dear" I tell them to call me by my species name "**** Sapien" but "****" for short. It usually clears the matter up pretty fast.

At work, when I have a student or intern with me, I am just my first name. I did, however, have a student that was a bit too arrogant for being so wet behind the ears and lacking in performance. He came in to the kitchen one day and just started calling us "the group", or whatever it was. He didn't realize I was his preceptor and wanted to know what to call me. I said "Well you can start by addressing each of us as 'sir' starting now." That brought him down a few notches.

I always teach my students that geriatric patients are not to be "hon", "sweetie", "dear." It is always Miss/Ms./Mr. and if they deviate from that, it is noted on their evaluation form. If someone makes it 40+ years on this earth, you owe them that formal respect. I've found a lot of men from WWII like to be called a nickname, "Skip, Scoop, Doc," whatever their nickname was from days past.

But then again, I also had the above mentioned student convinced that we were evolved from a dinosaur known as cockasaurus rex ...
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