Recommendations For Handlebar Radio

Discussion in 'Gear & Accessories' started by torotoro, Sep 14, 2020.

  1. torotoro

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    Hi all. Wondering if any of these are worth recommending. I’m not comfortable with anything in my ears and one of my favorite programs is on during my morning ride. TIA.
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  2. rola643

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    That's gonna be a tough one.
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  3. longjohn

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    I think riding or running with earbuds is stupid but at least it’s not as annoying as someone with speakers blasting their crap music that we don’t want to hear to everyone they are around. I either try to outride them and get far enough ahead I can’t hear them or take a break and let them get far enough ahead I don’t hear them.
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  4. i12ride

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    LOL, I'm the annoying guy with top 20 christian playing on my bluetooth speaker hanging on my camelbak strap. Don't care who doesn't like it. Not near anyone long enuff to matter and it notifies pedestrians ahead of time and keeps me from having to try and talk to anyone while riding. Agree about earbuds being stupid.....walking or riding. People don't have enuff situational awareness as it is, just makes that worse.....except they never hear me or move in my way when going way way around them. Same as is done for non earbud wearers, way way around....singletrack in the woods is quiet time, the forest is the music offroad. Rare, especially nowadays, group rides gravel or road is no music of course. Freeride in open areas on, along and across greenbelts is fair game tho. Then yeah, oh well, music time.
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