Recommendations For Handlebar Radio

Discussion in 'Gear & Accessories' started by torotoro, Sep 14, 2020.

  1. torotoro

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    Hi all. Wondering if any of these are worth recommending. I’m not comfortable with anything in my ears and one of my favorite programs is on during my morning ride. TIA.
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  2. rola643

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    That's gonna be a tough one.
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  3. longjohn

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    I think riding or running with earbuds is stupid but at least it’s not as annoying as someone with speakers blasting their crap music that we don’t want to hear to everyone they are around. I either try to outride them and get far enough ahead I can’t hear them or take a break and let them get far enough ahead I don’t hear them.
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  4. i12ride

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    LOL, I'm the annoying guy with top 20 christian playing on my bluetooth speaker hanging on my camelbak strap. Don't care who doesn't like it. Not near anyone long enuff to matter and it notifies pedestrians ahead of time and keeps me from having to try and talk to anyone while riding. Agree about earbuds being stupid.....walking or riding. People don't have enuff situational awareness as it is, just makes that worse.....except they never hear me or move in my way when going way way around them. Same as is done for non earbud wearers, way way around....singletrack in the woods is quiet time, the forest is the music offroad. Rare, especially nowadays, group rides gravel or road is no music of course. Freeride in open areas on, along and across greenbelts is fair game tho. Then yeah, oh well, music time.
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  5. longjohn

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    I came up on a recumbent trike one time that I actually liked his music. I rode with him for three or four songs. It was Christian music but not pop 20.
  6. newleaf150

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    Have you considered helmet speakers, or a helmet with integrated speakers? I've ridden for years with O-tus Helmet Speakers and love them. They mount on my helmet just above my ears, leaving me free to hear what's happening around me on the road or trail.

    I don't feel comfortable cycling with earbuds, whether on the trail or road. As for bluetooth speakers, I choose not to inflict my music on others as a matter of simple courtesy. I hate hearing anyone else's music out on the trail, which kind of obligates me to keep mine to myself.

    Best of luck in finding something which works for you!
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  7. Germanrazor

    Germanrazor Well-Known Member

    I ride with one earbud in my right ear and keep my left free to hear traffic coming up. Works great. I know some don’t nor care for it but one thing is for sure, nothing if it is destined to hit you from behind will prevent it. In other words, fact you have a bud or buds in does not keep the cager from this.

    I can easily hear back approaching traffic and front in curves and hills. What assist you the cyclist from being hit, VISIBILITY!

    That said, handlebar radio??? Heck no! Nobody wants to hear your tunes going down the road! I hate motorcyclist that do this!
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  8. Industry_Hack

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    You've been using them since 2012/2013, if I recall correctly...
  9. newleaf150

    newleaf150 Deranged Touring Cyclist Tavern Member

    You are exactly right! I received them in the winter of 2012/2013 in return for a review, the link to which I have lost.

    If anything, I love them more now than I did at first. These things have seen snow, single digit temps, and the kind of rain which instantly soaks the body and fills the shoes. They've been beaten up and knocked off my helmet more times than I can count, but they just keep on playing.

    There are few pieces of kit which I can say have truly changed the way I ride. O-tus Helmet Speakers are one which did.

    Great memory, 'Hack! It's been a while.
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  10. newleaf150

    newleaf150 Deranged Touring Cyclist Tavern Member

    I love the diversity of viewpoints present in the cycling world. Truly. What's more, I encourage everyone to ride in the fashion that works for them.

    For my part, I flatly cannot rely on destiny to keep me safe on the road. Most drivers are generally competent and safe. Some aren't. As a cyclist, I've no way to tell them apart without keeping them all under observation.

    I do that by keeping my head on a swivel and using a rear view mirror. I strive to always know where all the cars are relative to me, when they will pass (overtaking, oncoming, or crossing), and how much clearance will be involved.

    On overtakes, I can use my mirror to reliably 'call' passing clearance down to 12" or so. Given that foot, I won't alter my line. At less than 12" predicted clearance, I will. In order to have room to alter my line, I ride a couple of feet in from the curb or edge of the pavement. I also have a plan for intentionally leaving the pavement should that be needed to keep me from being hit.

    I've ridden this way for some 18k mi since returning to bicycling. In that time, I've only felt the need to alter my line a handful of times. All but one of those fell into the 'abundance of caution' category. Once only, by changing my line, I took my head out of the path of a load of lumber on a trailer. A life changing injury was averted. That time.

    That's happened just once in 18k mi. The experience made the whole mirror thing worth it, and justified the effort I've put into learning to ride the way I do. Does that make me 100% safe? Of course not.

    It's a fact that we all face dangers which cannot be mitigated or guarded against. We face a lot more dangers which are subject to mitigation if only we recognize the potential. I seek to focus on those dangers which I can take action to avoid while not worrying about those which I can't.

    It's all about odds, and the fact that in many cases I can 'stack' them in my favor. I don't rely on other drivers or anyone else to keep me safe on the road. I rely on me, my senses, my preparation, my research, my forethought. I rely on my reading of the road and traffic conditions.

    Those things may not make me safe in traffic, but they do make me safer. They also take a lot of energy and occasionally limit my choice of routes. Without them, I would not feel comfortable sharing the road with automobiles at all. That would be a tragedy. I do what I must to avoid that outcome.

    However it is that you manage, keep those cranks spinning. That's what matters in the end.