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Discussion in 'General Bike Discussion' started by Cycle Snack, Jul 2, 2009.

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    aka converting old crappy 10 speeds to fixed gears and reselling.

    Anybody else do this? What's the most you have gotten for a bike?

    The rules are, the bike cannot have been yours prior but you have had to either purchased it from Craigslist/tag sale or rescued it from certain destruction at the town dump. Then, actually do some work on, strip off the gearing, clean it up, add a fixed gear wheel if so inclined ... dressed it up for sale.

    The most I have gotten for a bike this way was $400 last September. I found a Bianchi 10 speed on the side of the road that no one wanted after a tag sale. Took it home, cleaned it up and converted it. Added bull horns, TT levers, new tape, cables and housings, and 700c fixed gear wheelset with tires. Total spend was about $2 hundy. Before selling it, I rode it to work for a month, too!
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    $400, nice! I haven't recycled any that I have resold. I have just recycled old worn out bikes that have been free or very low priced and just fixed them up for fun and kept them for myself. I'm always messing with different bikes and bike parts. Switching parts 4 or 5 times, just experimenting and seeing what I can do. Nothin' too fancy.