Reference on vintage bikes and restoring them

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    Well something I always wondered about was picking up used or old bikes, putting a little tlc in them and then selling them to a good home for a few extra bucks.

    Figured if I was going to do any real significant work on them, some bikes would definitely be worth more work than others. Now the advise of a car collector came to mind as I pondered this idea. He response was, "I wish I had filled my library before I filled my garage." He could afford it, but it made sense.

    I have the park tool book, but I am particularly interested in texts dealing with old bikes, values, those that would rate how collectable a bike might be and things like that.

    I see a lot of bike shops selling new bikes, but only one in my area that actually sells a used bike. Ok time to tell me I am crazy. Take a spot in line behind the wife.
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