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Hey everyone,

So, I picked up a 1989 Schwinn World Sport for FREE last summer and I'm finally deciding to fix it up. Just looking for any tips, advice or ideas on any extra stuff I should replace or mess with on the bike.

I've cleaned it up and got all the dust and grime off the bike and it's components. The frame and original paint are in pretty nice condition. The crankset, stem and front and rear derailleurs are in pretty nice shape too.

So far, I've replaces the tubes, put on new 27" white wall tires, new Shimano quick release brakes (had to drill out a hole in the front to accommodate for the newer recessed brake bolts), new handlebar tape, new"er" pedals, new saddle.

Now, I'm just waiting to install my brake cable housings and cables, my gear cable housings and cables and a set of Tektro brake levers once they arrive in the mail. Also, considering changing out the freewheel.

Once that's all installed, I'll grease it up, tune it up and it'll be better than new! I've attached a photo of what the World Tour looks like so far.

Any other ideas or things I should consider?

Thanks everyone!


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