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    This is nuts! I can't even imagine the mental fortitude it will take if you have the physical stamina to do it!
    Wonder if it'll ever make it to Merica.

    Revolve24 endurance events are open to soloists and teams of up to eight riders (depending on the duration of the challenge). As much a mental challenge as a physical one, the weekend is as much about the environment in the paddock and pit garages as it is about the action on the track.

    Non-competing Crew Members are welcome to add encouragement, strategy and support throughout the weekend which can be as rewarding as actually taking part.

    We typically run three endurance events during a weekend - 12 hour and 6 hour challenges as well as the 24 hour - so whether you want to ride in support of someone in a longer event or simply give it a go there is a choice.
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    You want hardcore ... can't say much but waaaay harder than I'd want to be is a guy who soloed a 12-hour MTB race on a rigid SS. I have pics but it would take too long to find them ... but yeah .... oh to be young and dumb and tougher than I ever was even back then ......

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    Me & a few of the lads I cycle with were debating doing this as a team. I definitely wouldn’t dream of attempting this as a solo
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    I have cow bells for moral support...or heckling.
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