Ride out from the Swamp

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    wild Yesterday tired old man, Today retired old man

    Went to get the bike out for my ride today and the front tire is a little low, I get the pump and tickle the presta valve, no air comes out, so I tighten it back up then loosen it tickle it again no air, then i push in again and out pops a little rubber ring and a lot of air. That tube is junk, I take off the tire put in a new tube, back on the bike and off we go. 5 miles down the swamp road and out on the highway man the bike is feeling good. Then I hear this BARK and growl It sounds big and bad it an't no yapper its a real dog Bark. I grab 2 gears stand on the pedals and look back, I think I see smoke off that rear tire but no dog. now I am 1/4 mile down the road I keep looking back no dog. Then it hits me that bark was to loud to be a real dog. I think it must of came from the truck that was going the other way, Well he realy got me :thumbsup:. So I am back pedaling the bike and thinking how funny that must of been for any one watching. I went on to Head of the river and came back home. I am still :D and it was one of the best rides I have had.

    Where can I get me one of them things :rolleyes:
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