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I have ridden in the past with this group of folks and they can take care of business. They ride on Sundays which makes it difficult for me but I need to get back to riding with them again. This gentleman does an awesome ride recap of each and every ride and he does a superb job in my opinion. I would never be able to remember it all sadly. Check these out from the last two rides, always makes for good reading!

There wasn't much sun, but warmer temps and gentler winds greeted 13 riders [Izak, Susan , Carlo, Darrell C(1st 40+ mile ride since his fall - way to go Darrell), Rich, Marci, Paul, Paul K., Ron , Art, Glenn, Barbara (don't know last name/1st Patriot Loop/welcome), and me] for today's Patriot Loop.
---I deleted the last names for this post to twospoke----

Note: We would have had a 14th, but Jeff showed up at Waller Mill, wondering why we were all so late . . . ?!?

I led a tame warmup so we could stay together on the Cap2Cap trail. The Chickahominy Bridge climb (as expected) split us up into two groups. At the right onto Wilcox Neck Rd the front group included: Ron, Paul H., Marci, Carlo, Glenn and me.

Glenn hung in strong until being shelled after a brutal pull by Paul. During this pull, Marci briefly fell off the pace, causing me to have to close a gap. While bridging, all could hear Ron yelling, "Bullet Bob", which almost caused Marci to get dropped (she was laughing so hard)!

A short time later (at one of Iron Mike's favorite inclines), Ron dropped us all, opening a large gap. Paul began to increase the pace with Carlo and I on his wheel. I looked back and saw Marci falling off the pace. In that brief moment, I was also starting to get dropped by Paul and Carlo. I quickly bridged back and told them that Marci was behind. We slowed and waited for Marci to bridge, then continued on.

Despite our steady pace and pull-sharing, Ron seemed to easily maintain his lead. He rolled through the usual regrouping point at the Ruthville stop sign, causing the 4 of us to do likewise. We all seemed to enjoy the smooth road and gentle grade from the stop sign to the Adkins Store right turn, as we easily maintained a steady 25mph pace.

Nevertheless, Ron continued to maintain his lead and was patiently waiting for us as we rolled into the Adkins Store rest stop. After refueling, I led us out on the stretch to Rte 5. Ron wasn't, "feeling my pace" and came flying by, saying, "Rrreeeaaalllyyy Bob?". Paul was right on his wheel. I was expecting Carlo and Marci to do the same, but perhaps they pitied me as the 3 of us settled into a 2nd grouping.

On the way to Rte 5, Carlo, Marci and I were pursued by a brown pit bull, that came running from our right. The "roly poly" pitbull lasted about 25 yards, as our group of 3 was already rolling a steady 25 and didn't even need to accelerate to drop the 4-legger. When I looked back, the dog was standing in the middle of the road, with a dazed look on it's face, while licking up one of it's coughed up lungs!!!

We finally rolled up on Ron and Paul who were waiting at Rte 5, then the 5 of us took the newest addition of the Cap2Cap trail to the next Rte 5 junction. On Rte 5, we actually did a great job of keeping it together, with the usual attacks by Ron and shared pulls by all. We even stayed together on the final Chickahominy Bridge climb, then took the trail at a brisk 20+ pace all the way to the finish.

We all remarked how great and "invigorating" the ride was! Carlo, Paul and Marci had to go, while Ron and I waited for the others. Izak and Darrell rolled in first, followed by Rich, Glenn, Barbara, Susan, Paul and Art. You could tell from their faces that the Patriot Loop had given all of them a great workout!

Next Sunday it's back to Waller Mill for more of the same/hope to see you all there!

Note: From what I understand, there are two races next weekend - one in Richmond on Saturday, and Snowball Crit #2 in Chesapeake on Sunday. Some of our own Waller Millees will probably be racing, so best of luck to them, be safe and race to win!



Another gorgeous day resulted in 15 riders showing for today's festivities - Ron, Julio, Jeff & Marci , Iron Mike, Pat & Judy, Randy, Alex, Glenn, Art, Paul , Liz (1st time/welcome), Sharon, and me.

The C and B pace groups rolled at 1030, while the A group waited for Julio, who was running a little late (again). This time the A group (Marci, Jeff, Ron, Julio, Pat, Iron Mike and I) rolled past the others on Barlow Road and settled into our pace. No matter where we turned, we always seemed to be in a headwind today.

Initially the front group split in two - Ron, Julio, Pat and I - followed by Mike, Jeff and Marci - before the 1st Mt. Zion climb. I couldn't match the front group's pace for long though and got shelled just prior to the climb. At the top we waited for Mike, Jeff and Marci, while Ron answered nature's call.

On the descent, Mike, Jeff, Marci and I led for awhile until Ron, Pat and Julio came smoking by on the post one-lane bridge incline. We never saw them again until arriving at the oak where they waited. After a few minutes Glenn and Alex rolled up. Apparently they were the only two doing the 42 route, while the others did the 30 route. Pat decided to do the 42 route as well. As he rolled away, Ron remarked, "It's just as well, cuz he never pulls anyway." At this point Jeff also seemed intent on doing the 42 - something about sack damage - but Marci convinced him to man-up and do the 52.

The rest of us - Ron, Julio, Mike, Jeff, Marci and I rolled on the 52. We kept it together pretty well on the back 10 until Ron and Julio opened a gap, the rest of us never closed. On the Iron Mike sprint, I led out then handed the reigns to Mike, who pulled us the rest of the way. During the sprint, Ron seemed especially amused at the thought of dropping me, as I did allow a small gap to open when I was riding caboose. He kept saying things, I couldn't quite understand, but then, even amongst his closest cycling buddies, nothing Ron says is ever mistaken for intelligence.

On the way to the Mt. Zion climb, Ron and Julio again opened a large gap, which the rest of us couldn't close. In our 2nd group, Mike took a power pull all the way to the base of the climb. From there, I took over, often looking back for a lurking Jeff or Marci, but went unchallenged up the climb. I even started to close on Ron and Julio, but found out at the top that they leisurely soft-pedalled all the way up.

After the regroup, Jeff and Marci took off and opened a gap, which was quickly closed by Ron, then Julio. I rolled up soon after, with Marci and Mike back a ways. Jeff must have gotten a 2nd wind, because I could see him repeatedly attacking Ron, resulting in him reaching the Croaker Road stop sign first (see Jeff, I did what you asked and mentioned it).

Mike was the last one to roll up and he continued on after asking if, "we were ready yet". I was in the midst of refueling and putting my gloves on, as everyone else quickly mounted their bikes and took off. I finally rolled up on Julio's wheel and thanked him for waiting for me (although he never really confirmed whether he was waiting or not). We rolled up on Marci, but by this time, Ron, Jeff and Mike had opened a large gap.

It was about this time, that Julio (who is still building his base) notched it back a bit. Uncharacteristically, Marci agreed to wait for Julio (after I pleeded with her). Marci cited her reason as, "Julio is so quiet, you never know what he's thinking, so we better wait." As I pondered this, I thought to myself, "hmmm, whenever I get quiet, Marci's reaction is usually - good, Bob's bonking, let's attack!"

Anyway, the three of us rolled in together, and found out at the finish that Ron took the KOA honors, then left Jeff and Iron Mike to fend for themselves, with Jeff finishing 2nd and Mike 3rd (way to go guys!).

We got some great base mileage today and despite the stubborn headwinds had another great ride.

Note to self: It just donned on me that Ron, Jeff and Mike all ate some of my food supply today, and showed their appreciation for my generosity and good sportsmanship, by dropping me like a bad habit. Hmmm, just a little warning fellas - beware the next, "Fig Newton" you mooch off of me. The suspicious-looking syringe hole you see might indicate an EX-LAX injection or worse, yeah!!!

Next Sunday is the last one this month, so it will be Patriot Loop time! Hope to see everyone there!

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