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I thought I would post this. I love the ride recaps Bob does ! I have only ridden with these guys and gal a few times and it's always a tough ride with this group...for me anyway ! From last Sunday's ride that I did not do but sounded fun ! Deleted last names to protect the innocent :)


Today our group included 7 strong riders - Matt (welcome back), Randy, Jeff & Marci, Pax (welcome back), Iron Mike and me.

The mental game for today's ride actually started last night, when Marci, who said she was, "carbing up" for the ride (which probably meant beer, wine or both), sent Vince and I an email which simply read, "Game On Boys!"

Note: Some history here - On yesterday's York High School to Williamsburg ride, Marci was attacked twice after she came off the front. The instigator was her very own husband - Jeff. However, several of us (including Vince and I) participated, so we definitely qualified as accomplices. With Marci obviously looking for revenge, I knew I'd better cinch up the tights today.

Iron Mike (back with fresh legs after missing two Waller Mill rides in a row), led us out at 19/20. Paceline rotations continued w/everyone sharing duty up front all the way to the left onto Ware Creek Road. From there the pace quickened to the first Mt. Zion climb. After cresting we regrouped for the descent.

Iron Mike pushed the pace on the descent and established a gap. I decided to chase. When I finally bridged to Mike, he claimed he just needed momentum for the post-bridge incline. After the incline, I was in the lead. Marci rolled up on me and told me that Randy had narrowly avoided the construction ditch on the right of the one-lane bridge. I faded back to check on Randy who was fine, then rejoined the frontrunners.

Iron Mike persuaded everyone to regroup so we could make short work of the remaining distance to the oak. We had a tailwind and Jeff, who was up front was itching to ramp it up. With Jeff in the lead the paceline zoomed to 26+. Pax took over, easily maintaining the pace. Then it was my turn. No sooner had I rotated up front, than Iron Mike came zooming by. I tried to chase, but Mike's acceleration was too strong.

We decided to slow-role-recover-and-regroup at route 30. Matt decided to role on by himself, taking on the role of rabbit (whether he liked it or not) for the rest of the ride. On the back 10, Cujo (the now infamous black Chow) was loose again, barking menacingly at Jeff and Randy who were bringing up the rear.

After a quick regroup at Diascund we motored on, eventually catching Matt, well before the Iron Mike sprint. Again, Matt rolled on as the rest of us ate and re-hydrated. As Jeff and I discussed our Lynskeys, Marci asked, "where's Mike?" We all looked up and noticed that Iron Mike was 100 yards down the road!?! We all quickly clipped in as I led the initial chase. Jeff took the reigns and pulled us up to Mike's wheel.

Marci was next in line and wasn't satisfied with grabbing Mike's wheel, so she proceeded to go around him, taking the rest of us with her. When Marci came off the front, I reminded her it's never wise to pass Iron Mike on his namesake sprint. Again, with me in front, Iron Mike came zooming by to take today's sprint points. As we made the turn onto Holly Forks, Jeff reprimanded Iron Mike for punking us all at both ends of the sprint, to which Iron Mike replied, "It's what I do."

At the Mt. Zion climb, Jeff took the initial lead. I came around Jeff and accused him of sandbagging, as it looked to me like he wasn't even working. Pax and Marci were right on my wheel as we gapped Jeff. I gave the reigns to Pax and Marci and warned them that Jeff was coming. Jeff zoomed by, but not fast enough to gap us. After using Jeff like a mule, I attacked. I looked back, ready to pat myself on the back for dropping everyone, but found Marci using me like a mule. The two of us crested together (again catching and passing Matt), although Marci looked much fresher than I felt at the top.

During the regroup (except for Matt who had rolled on), Jeff accused me of making a cheap move. But then, Jeff always does that when he gets dropped, so I paid him no heed (especially after the "cheap moves" he orchestrated yesterday on his better half).

We kept it together for most of the way to KOA (again catching and passing Matt just prior to York River State Park). Prior to the pre-KOA descent, I opened a gap on everyone, to see who'd respond. Just as I figured, Jeff came smoking by. After cooking out front for awhile, he realized no one was chasing and slowed to reenter the paceline.

Claiming he had no climbing legs today, Jeff decided to, "win the descent". As he hollered, "Let's go man", our descending speed ramped up to 35. Jeff raised one hand in victory as he did indeed win the descent! However, as Jeff, Pax and I hit the KOA incline, Marci went by us all. Jeff and I got out of our saddles to chase. I heard Jeff say, "Oh man that hurts," and that's the last I saw of Jeff.

I rolled up on Marci and passed her just prior to the left on Barlow, thereby claiming the KOA points, while Marci accused me of making up rules, "on-the-fly". When Marci and I looked back, we had a big lead. I told her, if we work together, they'll never catch us. And that's just what we did, all the way to the Rochembeau stop sign.

Just as I was going to suggest we wait for the others, Marci yelled, "Let's roll!" The sound of her voice clearly indicated the point was non-negotiable, so we motored on and rolled into the parking lot together.

Jeff, Pax, Mike and Randy rolled in next. It was then we found out that Pax missed the turn onto Barlow Road. According to Jeff, Pax was well on his way to Richmond (as in city of), before Jeff turned him around. Matt (today's rabbit) rolled in soon after.

Today's weather was gorgeous and the ride was loads of fun! I say we do it again soon!

BTW #1: I want to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving!

BTW #2: Next Sunday is the last one of November, so it's back to the Patriot Loop! Hope to see you all there, so we can all help each other work off some of the holiday eating!

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