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    Can we talk about our rides?

    It stopped raining for two days!!

    Old man had a nice 20-mile ride!

    Got to the cemetery about 6:30am in the pickup, not in a hearse with both bikes. Had to air up all the tires got my wife going then got all my crap on and away I went.
    My wife’s nick name is “shade tree”, she goes from shade tree to shade tree and today she did good and made a few blocks between texting and or talking on the phone but she's out there with me and trying.

    I did 10 miles around the loop then stopped for Gatorade and a rest then did the other 10 miles. Keep my heart between 120-138 most of the time and was back to 70 in 10 minutes after reloading the bikes. I averaged 13 mph and ran a nice 66-rpm’s.
    I feel great and I hope it is not raining Thursday so we can ride again. If not I’ll use the trainer in the carport.

    Life’s great, glad I got up today and look forward to tomorrow.
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    My last two rides were races, I finally gave into a friends nagging and tried it. Did a race both days of the weekend. Saturday I had no idea how fast everyone would be going at the start so I gunned it, I looked back and noticed I had made a gap between myself and the peloton. My ego took over and I tried to keep the lead instead of falling back to the group so I attacked a climb. After about a half mile I had completely exhausted myself from riding like a moron and was promptly passed by all but one guy.

    Sunday's race went better, but after a couple laps I fell off the back of the main group and was stuck out on my own and ened up wearing myself out fighting the nasty wind.