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    Been here in CO for 3 years now and love it here! Being a big clydesdale, I switched to a Niner 29er bike several years ago and haven't ridden any of my other bikes since. Came from NorCal, where I rode all over the Auburn, Placerville, Eldo Forest, and Lake Tahoe areas. Found this forum as a recommendation from a brewing forum I'm on. I'm definitely in heaven here in CO with the riding and the breweries! :D
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    Welcome to TwoSpoke!

    Wow, thats got to be great...being in CO! I have been to CO springs several times for busniess and love it!

    But Biking and beer; what more can you ask for!

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    Welcome to TS! I love your part of the world. My family vacationed there in the summer to escape the heat.
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    Hi .... .. :D
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    Welcome! Must be nice living there and having the opportunity to train with the low air mass.
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    im here in colorado springs. dont do any mountain biking though. all road. still training and riding just to get in shape and get my lungs back in working order. maybe ill see ya around.
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    New rider

    Hi all,
    I live in R.I. and hike or ski in Mass. or N. Hampshire. I'm an old guy, now retired, but like to keep in shape. In the last few years driving 400-500 miles round trip to N. H. has become an expensive bore. This year, as skiing wound down, I bought a cheap old Peugeot at a consignment shop for $65.

    I was surprised how much fun this has been and how fast it will go even with poorly conditioned legs. Just dinking around on local bike paths I've managed to ride 500 miles in 6 weeks or so. Just a few days ago I rode 45 miles on the Cape Cod Rail Trail. It is clear that within a few more weeks I'll be capable of 50-100 miles.

    The consignment shop "special" does not fit well, which I learned here and in other reading and it is very heavy as well. Physical conditioning will improve naturally as a function of time in the saddle but never doubt that gear can improve your life. With this in mind, the hunt is now on for another bike, either new or from Craigslist. With a bad back, a crucial requirement is the capability to fit 28mm tires. The current principal candidate for new is the Specialized Secteur, which I also learned here, and which I'll check out at a LBS this coming week.
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