Road vs MTB pedals?

Discussion in 'Road Bikes' started by Bikester, May 4, 2009.

  1. Bikester

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    I currently have a caad9 and I have been reading about the debate between road and mountain bike clip in pedals, what are your thoughts on which would be better for a commuter?
  2. chefmike

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    I ride on Shimano SPD pedal PD-M535, the same thing I have on my mtn bike. I felt like the shoes were great for commuting and errands (I have a nike shoe that is really comfortable).

    I love them.

  3. JostRider

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    Personal opinion here. I like MTB pedals even on road bikes. My reasoning is I get off the bike and go into the quikie marts, and I don't like falling on my a**. MTB shoes can be light weight and stiff just like a road shoe. Just make sure whatever pedal/shoe combo you select works well. meaning, you don't get hot foot. The sole of the shoe is stiff enough you don't feel the pedal coming through your shoe. You can unclip quickly when you need to. You don't unclip when you don't want to.

    If you don't get off your bike and walk around in your cycling shoes, you don't walk on tile floors of quickie marts, or have gravel parking lots, then road shoes and cleats make more sense. Again this is just my opinion.
  4. camilo

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    This year I'm using road pedals for the first time ever. I've used MTB pedals and shoes on my road bike since the early-mid 90s. I'd have to say that if the road set up is "better" it's a very marginal difference and not significant to a recreational rider.

    For dedicated commuting there is no doubt in my mind that I'd put the MTB pedals back on the bike and use mtb shoes if walking is a factor at all.

    I do like my new set up because it's significantly lighter (about 1/2 pound per shoe+pedal), and the shoes fit much better. But I probably would have been just as happy by investing in a better fitting and better quality MTB shoe. The weight thing is just psychological and not really important.

    A high quality pair of MTB shoes - well fitting and stiff - will be functionally identical to a similar grade / quality of road shoes, except heavier.
  5. hophead

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    For commuting, I'd go with mtn shoes & pedals rather than road for reasons already stated or flat pedals. I've commuted with both flats & clipless mtn pedals.