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This year I'm using road pedals for the first time ever. I've used MTB pedals and shoes on my road bike since the early-mid 90s. I'd have to say that if the road set up is "better" it's a very marginal difference and not significant to a recreational rider.

For dedicated commuting there is no doubt in my mind that I'd put the MTB pedals back on the bike and use mtb shoes if walking is a factor at all.

I do like my new set up because it's significantly lighter (about 1/2 pound per shoe+pedal), and the shoes fit much better. But I probably would have been just as happy by investing in a better fitting and better quality MTB shoe. The weight thing is just psychological and not really important.

A high quality pair of MTB shoes - well fitting and stiff - will be functionally identical to a similar grade / quality of road shoes, except heavier.
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