Rollers vs. Static Trainers

Discussion in 'Training / Health' started by tydale, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. tydale

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    What are the pros and cons of rollers vs. static trainers?
  2. thoffman

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    I have a fluid trainer that I use in the winter, but I've never used a roller. What I have heard, though, is that trainers give you more of a resistance work out and rollers are more for spinning and technique.

    I bought a fluid trainer last year with a five-level resistance setting. The top levels can really give a workout. I do not see rollers with resistance levels on them.

    So, there you have my uneducated opinion... TRH

  3. livendadream

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    Exactly what he said, but put in 50 miles on rollers every day in the winter and you will be ready for the Tour by July. J.:eek:
  4. Xela

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    Depends on the rollers. My rollers by Inside Ride do have variable resistance and the resistance at the highest level is much greater than my Cycleops fluid.

    Pros: greatly improves your spin and fluidity, forces you to concentrate during the workout, improves your ability to ride smoothly and in a straight-line on the road, seems like more of a workout than standard trainers.

    Cons: forces you to concentrate during the entire workout (no zoning out and just spinning), hard to stand/sprint on some models (but not the Inside Rides), harder to drink or towel off on rollers, take some getting used to