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    Well, not really. I was reading this article and thought it did a pretty good job at explaining some reasons for riding a padded or a smaller narrow racing type seat. It seems to be a huge debate especially for newer riders and most seem to think they should have a big gel filled padded saddle.

    "It's friction, not pressure, that causes most saddle discomfort. That's why padded saddles usually aren't the answer."

    To read the full article click here: ASK COACH FRED | Road Bike Rider
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    Pretty much why I ride with the Fizik Arione saddles. exclusively. Just enough padding to support the sit bones very comfortably and not be rock hard like the k-1. Actually, there alot more squish (Arione) than they look. Having the largest area of any Fizik saddles is a plus also. Lots of room to shift around on. Personally, I also think having a good seatpost that lets you micro adjust the saddle angle is a must, also.
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