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Would like to put a more popular size wheels on this bike I just picked up.
Schwinn Chicago Badge #1397
Serial # EN15649 ( April 1977 ? )
Style : Collegte, Ladies 5 speed
Tires: Kenda K 23 S6 , 26 x 1 3/8 1 1/4 , 597 x32
I have not measured between the drops, front or rear. Was wondering if any
one knows what, if any, modern rims would drop in with out moding the frame?
The orrigional wheels are still solid & serviceable. The bike is in fair to good
condition overall. Needs 1 tire, cables & general cleaning & greasing. Paint is
good overall. The style name is fading out, looks like stenciled on in white.Didn't
know Schwinn made a 5 speed with a single chain ring back then. They have
Hybred now that is a 7 speed with 700C tires.
Any info or other in put on this tank would be apreciated. Thanks for reading.

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Don't think that there is much you can do with this bike, wheel-wise. The original rims were chrome double steel Schwinns, as you have noted. They are extremely durable, but the downside is that you must use Schwinn S-6 tires only. A regular 26 X 1 3/8 tire will not fit on this rim. You cannot use 27" rims, and I am not aware that you can find 26 X1 3/8 aluminum alloy rims. Besides, with a bike like this that weighs about 40 pounds, there is not much point in putting lighter wheels on. This bike was made at the Schwiinn plant in Chicago and was extremely durable, but weighed a lot, like most Schwinns.
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