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Screen name & Avatar

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What does your screen name mean? What is your avatar? If you don't have an avatar, get one, they're free! Also, fill in that little space in your user profile where is says "location." It's nice to know where everyone lives and it often makes answering your questions easier too.

Ok, some screen names are obvious, but others, not so much. My screen name is fairly easy to figure out, especially to those beer enthusiasts out there. I LOVE BEER, especially the big hoppy ales. I started brewing beer in 1994. I don't do it much anymore due to lack of free time and down sizing. I work pretty much 6 days a week and my divorce left me with just under 1000 square feet of living space. Barely enough for my ever expanding fleet of bicycles.

My avatar, some of you may recognize as the Kool Aid dude on a bike. Not just any bike though. It's a singlespeed. To drink the Kool Aid is to ride a singlespeed. My avatar is a pitcher of Kool Aid cuz that's what I ride most of the time. I have nothing against geared bikes. Hell, I own more geared bikes that singlespeeds, but 90% of the time, I ride with just one gear. I love the simplicity of the bicycle and the singlespeed epitomizes that simplicity.

So, what about the rest of ya?
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I'm fat, and I'm fun. I'm both. It's neat.
Self explanatory in a different way. Cool mtndoc. I'm gonna have to ask you for free medical advice.
I did what you advised and now I can't stop bleeding. I'm thinking maybe the hammer wasn't big enough. Maybe it was to big. I'm not sure it just hurts like hell.
Texas is very big. Very very big. Bigger than the hammer I'm going to try next. You never specified philips or flat. and I don't drink any other anastesia you would suggest?
re: Screen name & Avatar

Finally picked an avatar. It is a pic of my Nephew and I, from my last trip to CO in late June. His mom (my sister) said he needed a haircut. He didn't want one, I told him If He let me shave his head he could shave mine. He agreed. Then backed out so my sis cut did both shaves. This is our halfway through picture. He is going for the Mr. T and I am the reverse Mr T.

After the pics were taken she finished with our haircuts.
I thought you were wearing a hat! That's great. I sported the Mr.T for all of 45 minutes before people started staring.
re: Screen name & Avatar

It looks just like you.
I've always been curious. Why were you drunk at a bike convention?
I was always wondering why you were drinking and holding your glass with two hands at a bike convention. Better?
Great thread.

New folks, how did you decide on your user name?

I just came up with mine.
Still looking.
I'm done for right this minute, I want to see his response to what I found.
Kind of close, closer then I thought anyone would get, but that is obviously not me since I have been practicing Aikido for 30 years not 7 months as the person that wrote the article on the web site has been. You have great investigative skills, you should be working in law enforcement. Gee this becoming fun.

By the way, in practice Seagal does throw hard IF the person he is throwing is experienced, you see in this sport you learn to fall, the more experience you are the better you fall without getting hurt, so as your experience at falling improves you get thrown harder. Seagal is not a dick for throwing someone hard in practice because that person knows how to fall and is expecting to be thrown hard.
So it's based in Frozen techniques then? Cool.

If he didn't throw hard I would look down in him.
Actually your first assumption was correct, I was just trying to play you longer! I had my first Sensei call me that because of what you found, plus it played on something else related to me, so he called me froze for many years and even to this day. I thought I would play it out to confuse you because you found it too fast and quite frankly surprised me that you found it at all not alone so quickly. So you get :thumbsup: :thumbsup: ...well two thumbs up is better then death don't you think?

By the way Seagal is a rather large guy who weighed about 220 in his prime and stood 6' 4", unfortunately he didn't manage his weight well and is now around 320 pounds. He was never really muscular like a Arnold Schwarzenegger, but he had a natural strength that fooled many people, then add on top of that the ability to use the other person's power against themselves and it made him look really strong.
I've seen him recently, TV of course, he was pretty bloated.
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