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Seat level

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My saddle is bubble level with the nose raised only 1 or 2 degrees.

But how about being level ACROSS, that is looking at the saddle from behind, standing right behind the rear tire?

Looking at it from the back, my saddle is not level, it declines to the right by at least 5 degrees!

Is this bad? Should it be level across too?
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Mike - I'm thinking that's bad. Seems like that would set your hips on an angle to your spine and cause you some back discomfort on during a ride. Not to mention the fact that one leg would be raised higher than the other and would unbalance you.

Just my two cents worth, but I think it might be time for a new saddle.

Is one of the seat rails bent? Sometimes it is slightly bent and not really noticeable unless you remove the seat or really really look at it.
If you have a really thick wallet just stick it in your back pocket on that side... otherwise make sure your seat parts aren't rusting and coming unwelded or they could cut you if it breaks!
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