Securing your Bike to a Spare Tire Rack?

Discussion in 'Road Bikes' started by duckus, Nov 12, 2009.

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    Hi all ..

    As part of my new commute, I will have to drop my daughter off at school. I'm getting a Thule 983 Spare Me rack that I want to lock my bike to. I plan on biking from there.

    I'm worried about securing it to the rack. I'll have to leave it while I walk my daughter to her class and when I pick her up. Sometimes I'll hang out a little, but I'm not usually gone for more than 10 mins or so. I won't be able to see my car (and bike) during this time. It would be kind of a pain to walk her and the bike too.

    I live in Oakland CA .. which is not exactly a suburb. This would be in the morning ~830 and in the evenings ~530.

    I'm getting a cable lock .. which I know are cake. Is there another strategy? Am I being paranoid ?
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    When you lock it make sure to run it through your front tire and your frame.