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hey y'all.

I'm clearing out my parts bin. Some trials specific stuff, but a lot of good things here.

Everything ships for $6.10 to the lower 48. That covers the flat rate padded mailer and delivery confirmation. Pay-pal only.

PM me. :D

Rear Pre '04 HS-33. Black, black lever. Clear hose between the lever and slave cylinder, black crossover. Super crazy long hose. I can include an olive if you'll want to shorten it. Currently bleed with water/antifreeze but needs a bleed. The bleed port on the lever is stripped, so you have to bath bleed it. The lever has a bolt going through the TPA adjuster. It works, but isn't as pretty as the little red knob. Asking $65

Front Pre '04 HS-33. Red. No lever blade or TPA adjuster. The little rod and connecter are included. I can put in an olive if you like. Asking $65.

Old evo booster. Red. As is, I cut off one of the extra holes on the left, as you can see in the picture. $10

Echo Front Freewheel Square taper cranks. 170mm. Pretty scratched up, but work great. $30

FSA power pro cranks. Square taper. 170mm. Drive side is red, non-drive silver. Comes with threshold designs bash. Needs a chainring. $20.

Random cheap open bearing front disc hub. $12

Two bolt stems. 110x60 and 85x35. $7 each.

Mini Trials saddle. A few holes drilled in the back/top but symmetrical. Cut down to shove in the tube, no post left. $7

Echo mini trials saddle, the extra small one. Currently got a blue flame motif going for it. I can spraypaint it black or lime green for you. $7

VP-500 pedals. $12

SRAM 9.0 Grip shift 8spd. Never used, just been sitting in my parts bin for years. It's a 3/4 grip. $15

Shimano BB-UN53 bottom bracket. Square taper. 127mm, slightly used. Comes with crank bolts. $9

Shimano BB-UN53 bottom bracket. Square taper. 1113mm, slightly used. Comes with crank bolts and the other side of the bb not pictured. $9

Shimano BB-UN53 bottom bracket. Square taper. 127mm. New but I installed it in a frame while spray painting, so it's got some green on it. Comes with crank bolts. $9

DVDs. $5 each, or buy all four for $15.
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