Shallow Drop Handlebars

Discussion in 'Road Bikes' started by B_9, Jul 14, 2009.

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    I'm looking for narrow 36 or 37cm width handlebars with a shallow drop. I've read about the Salsa Moto Ace Short & Shallow Bar, but wondering what else is out there. Any suggestions?
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    I would recommend the Bontrager FIT VR bars. They are supposedly "womens's specific" but many guys use them in the wider sizes (I think they go as wide as 44) because they are very shallow and short - I think only 125mm deep and that's about as shallow as you'll find. Nice shape, rounded, but somewhere between classic and the anatomic type bend. Definitely come in 36-38 or so width too.

    If you compare the Salsa bars to many others, they aren't really all that shallow or short. There are plenty of bars 130-135 mm deep and 70-75 reach by almost all major manufacturers. I have a couple "classic bend" in that range - an Easton EC90 Equipe Pro and some Deda 215 "Italian" (aka shallow) drop bars. There are many varieties in anatomic or other variations. Look for the shape you like.

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    Handlebar width

    remember that the width of the bar helps in the fitting to allow the chest to have the room for breathing. If you bar gets to narrow it also will limit stability on high speeds or when you hit an object like a stone and the bars twist. Narrow bars will require more strength to control if your chest is much wider than the bar.