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This weekend was the Florida 500 Endurance Race. It's actually 531 miles and starts in Jacksonville and goes all the way down to Key West. Since they still can't have group races, this year's race was overall best time to complete the race. The route was down US Hwy 1, along the coast and going through cities like Daytona, Coca Beach, Miami and others. That means having to stop for Stop signs and traffic signals and contending with all the traffic. Each rider is allowed one support vehicle for the race.

Well, my girl, Amanda Coker, entered the race with support from her dad and her riding partner, Chris and her Twenty24 team and teammates. She started at 8:00am on Friday morning and rode the 531 miles to Key West in 25 hrs and 48 minutes (20.6 mph average), according to her Strava page, coming in first with the best overall time and a new world record, pending verification. With her dad and Chris in the support vehicle, she completed the first hundred miles in 4hrs 28min, and logged 465 miles in the first 24 hours. I'm sure she would have gone over 500 miles had she not had all the traffic and traffic stops along the way. The 465 miles also broke her longest 24 hour distance of 402 miles and the woman's record she currently holds at Sebring. When she arrived at the finish line, she realized she was only 5 miles away from the southern most tip of the U.S. so she hopped on the bike and rode down there using it as a cool down ride.

Way to go Super Girl!


As a side note, her riding partner, Chris, is no slouch on a bike either. Although in his 50s, he's not a pro cyclist but competed in the 24 Hours at Sebring, in 2019, missing the 500 mile mark by just under 10 minutes due to several flats he had along the way. Last month, he competed in the 2020 Cross Florida Gravel Race and had a new course record of 234 miles in 14hrs and 53min. This was a self contained, non-stop race only stopping to refill their water bottles whenever they could find a place to do so. Currently, he's the only person (non-professional) that can keep up with her on her training rides at Flatwoods.
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