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Hi !

I plan to purchase spd pedals and mtb shoes for my bike. Since here in india the choices are very limited I have to order online.
I am very confused as to the actual size of the shoe, that I should buy, I will be buying Shimano or Northwave. The deals are quite good, but the sizing is very important.
I have measured my foot size and it is 10 inches in length.
My Fila sport shoes show the following sizes:
us uk eur
8 7 41

Could you please guide me as to what size should I go for Shimano and Northwave shoes.

I am aware that shoes, should always be tried on first and online is risky , since I would not be in a position to return them.

I read on some forums that in shimano you should go A size higher than the actual size, is this true, if yes by how much ?

Really appreciate if you'll could assist me, I am anxiously waiting to ride my Fuji Roubaix with spd's.

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