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    So I'm pretty disappointed with my recent purchase of the Sidi Wire 2 Carbon Air Vent shoes I bought. I love the shoes but WAY disappointed with the fit and sizing. I have 3 pairs of Sidi now and these are by far the most expensive and sadly I need to sell them.

    So my current road shoes are Shimano R320 and they are a 43.5 and fit very well. My current mtb shoes are Sidi Dominator 7 ( I think ) and they are a 44 but I bought them 1/2 size big with the intent of heavy winter socks which has worked out ok. I honestly don't have much time in on them to be very honest tho.

    So I looked for a long time to fins a pair of the Sidi Wire 2 that I wanted. They were very hard to find. I found them and ordered them. Right from the get go they felt a little snug but after a few adjustments and trainer rides they seemed to be ok. Little different story of fit and feel out on the road. Just a tad to uncomfortable.

    At this point I decided to sell them. While I was taking a few pictures to post I noticed that the tongue was marked with the size I purchased but the sole was marked a 1/2 size smaller.

    I decided to email Sidi's American importer to see which size was correct and of so which one.

    I got a very fast first response from them and the gentleman said it sounded like a factory error and he would check on a warranty exchange for me. After a couple of days I had heard nothing back so I began t wonder. Replied back to him and got a response within a few hours. He is his final answer, kind of disappointed to be very honest. I like the Sidis bu this sizing thing has left a pretty bitter taste in my mouth. It would be one thing if they had any retailers locally and I could have tried some on but that was not an option and like I said earlier for some reason they seem almost impossible to find.

    So buyer beware, it seems an odd way to build shoes to me. Maybe that's standard, I have no clue, but my other shoes of that same size fit very good including the Sidis I've retired to my trainer...I had hoped for more.

    Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 7.20.49 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 7.20.49 PM.png


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    That just doesn’t make sense to me. How are you to know which size you’re actually getting if the shoe is displaying two different sizes?
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    To be honest, I never noticed the marking on the bottom of the shoes until I was snapping a few photos to try and sell them to show there was no wear on the bottom. It is odd to me tho but apparently that's Sidi's process. They use a whole sized soled and then "sew" on the 1/2 sizes as needed. I did get some good, sorta news from them today. See below.
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    So when I had given up all hope I received another reply from Gunnar this afternoon with some hope. If I'd not put cleats on them, they would have exchanged them I put cleats on they are mine I guess. So...the only good news left for me is he offered me 40% of off a new pair which is really cool but at the same time sucks since I would have 600.00 +- invested in one pair of shoes. That does allow me to drop my selling price to entice buyers tho so I may not loose all my money :D

    Hey Jeff,

    When did you purchase the shoes if you never cleated them and they are still within a year old. I can switch them out for a new pair for you that fits. I am sorry for the hassle if you can send me a copy of the receipt so I can see what i can do for you. Or if you would like i can offer you a 40 percent of discount code for a new pair so please let me know how you like to proceed with this matter thanks.

    Best Regards.

    Gunnar Alden

    Customer Service & Warranty


    Ph. (619) 401-4100 x111 | Fx. (619) 401-4108

    10225 Prospect Ave., Santee, CA 92071

    So, I'm gonna try a size 44 this time. Makes me nervous as the Sidi mtb shoes I have are 44 and they have plenty of wiggle room as I'm sure I've said several times now. So I'm questioning their whole shoe sizing process. Do they make their road and mtb shoes in different processes and fitments ?
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    My last pair of Sidi bike shoes (not mtb) were one size larger than most of my other riding shoes. The width was correct, but the length was just a bit longer. I quit wearing them because that small added length was just enough to cause problems with front wheel overlap and hitting everything I tried to step over or around.
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    Well, Sidi has done me right. They offered me 40% off another pair. Ended up ordering the Sidi Shot Air Shoes (Matte Black/Matte Grey) Can't find another pair of the Screaming yellow anywhere. That is kind of depressing. But, I'm kinda digging the new color anyway.
    Sidi air.jpg
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    I like the look.
    Only real reason I like the yellow is visibility on a moving part.

    Now you’ll be more like Max!!
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