silly purchases (e.g. ebay+beer?)

Discussion in 'General Bike Discussion' started by antibard, Apr 21, 2010.

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    Both of my bikes have been impulse purchases- I didn't need them at the time but I'm glad to have them.

    I got rid of what I had before in favour of the bikes my head said no to but my heart made me buy.

    I'd love to hear about anyone else's great (and not so great) spur-of-the-moment acquisitions.

    I'll lead with this example:

    I shouldn't have bought this meral frame from (french ebay)




    What really caught my eye was the internal gear cable routing. I reasoned that i'd never seen it on anything less than a high-end frame and they were only asking €69 to 'buy it now'.

    Having failed to persuade a friend to buy it, I couldn't muster the self restraint not to get it for myself,

    I'm not sure it's my size, it probably needs french components, I'd never heard of the manufacturer before, I can barely afford to buy beer, I have 2 perfectly good bikes already... i could go on.

    But it was there and it was cheap and I selfishly couldn't bare the thought of someone else getting it.

    I don't regret my actions- having done a bit of research i think it is built from columbus SL tubing and originally came equipped with Campy Super Record bits.

    Plus it'll be really useful for stopping out-sized peices of paper from blowing away. :thumbsup:
  2. funetical

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    If I paid money for it chances are I regret it. I'm starting to think I suffer from capitalist remorse.

  3. TxCyclist

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    I bought a vintage leather saddle not too long ago on an impulse thinking it would aesthetically look good on my single speed.

    Granted it does but it hurts so bad to ride on it that it's not practical and I kind of even knew it buying it but alas.
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    I was going to make a joke about buying my last wife (the Aussie) over the internet, but we're on pretty good terms now, so I'll let that one go.