Sloped Top Tube

Discussion in 'Road Bikes' started by Jina, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. Jina

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    Does anybody have a road bike with the top tube slanted down like a mountain bikes? All of Schwinn's road bikes are built this way, and several other companies have bikes with the top tube slanting down.
    It seems to me that with a slanted top tube the bike would put you in a more upright position, which is less efficient. But maybe I'm wrong.What is everbody elses take on the slanted top tube design??
  2. tajcrews

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    Sloping top tubes dont necessarily change your riding position. It can but a lot of that can be affected by the actual angle of the headtube and seat tube. Also depends on where the top tube intersects the seat tube. I wouldn't stress about the slope top tube. Most of the bike manufacturers are doing that now. Makes getting on and off a little easier and its not a nut buster.