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it's been 20 years since I did fully loaded touring ... but that tour started from Orlando to Daytona and up the coast on Highway 1 and A1A .... pretty good most fo the way---then heading westish somewhere in the Carolinas .... should be really nice weather as the trip progresses.

Mileage depends on you and the road, the weather, and the sights along the way. We usually did five-six hours twice a day, 100-mile days without having to push hard (except on the hills.) But ... we weren't sight-seeing or taking side trips, just making mileage.

Nowadays, fully loaded, if I started training seriously right now ... pretty sure I could do 50 comfortable even fully loaded .... except on hills. Only you know how you feel.

As far as I know, the West-East route is mostly flat---no mountain ranges through probably some fair hills. Probably some very pleasant riding.
I am a litle jealous .... not in the cards for this year or possibly the next, but maybe someday ....

Enjoy the ride, if you would like to.
Did ya go thru Fernandina Beach from Mayport on A1A?
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