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From time to time we are lucky enough to be asked to review products here at TwoSpoke and it’s with great pleasure I get to introduce you all to the Spin Desk Pro! Installation is easy enough. The instructions that came with it are great. It doesn’t leave anything to your imagination. You tie two straps, one to the top tube, one to the front wheel, place the desk on handlebars, make sure the support bar’s height is correct, and that it’s properly positioned, then just snap it into place. I tried to tighten both at once, but after playing with a it a couple of times I find it easier to adjust the top tube strap first, then the tire strap, ensuring the correct angling of the Spin Desk Pro. I managed to get it on after only minor adjustments to its placement on my handlebars.

Make sure you are comfortable on rollers before attempting to use the Spin Desk Pro. It seems to me strapping on a laptop and going to town would be enough to put fear into even the most dedicated cyclist, but with the bands in place and the desk properly secured, I hopped on my bike and started to peddle.

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Honestly it takes a little getting used to. I had to adjust myself on my bike a couple of times for optimal positioning, but once on, and in motion my fear dissolved and gave way to a pleasant realization, I can cycle and work now! I didn’t stop at cycling either. Moving it in front of the TV I managed to get some video game time in, and before I knew it my work out was over. It connects and disconnects with ease, and stores in a reasonable amount of space (I stuck mine under my bed). Its pockets on the sides allow you to tuck the straps into it so there is no chance of loosing the loose parts.

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The Spin Desk Pro is a must for diehard cyclists. My schedule doesn’t always allow me to keep up with daily cycling. Between work, family, and TwoSpoke, it’s difficult to find time. Now I can combine at least two of my loves, and all that at a great price.

FitDesk™ Exercise While Using Your Laptop.
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