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Hi !

I have 2 bikes
1.Trek 7.1 fx Hybrid with 700 x 35c
2.Btwin Fitness 1 ( Hybrid with 650 x 23 tyres)
Both have the same stem size as in 1 1/8 threadless and 25.4 clamp size.

The Btwin comes with a stem of 90 mm / 10 degree bend and the Trek comes with 90mm / 15 degree bend.

I was having reach issues on the btwin fitness 1 and have swapped the stems, the comfort is better on the btwin now with the 15 degree rise. The trek is perfect with any of the stems.

On first look of the stems, the Trek stem looks more solid and stout whereas the btwin stem looks a little delicate. The Trek stem bolts are 6mm and the btwin bolts are 5mm.

my question is : is the btwin stem which is now fixed on the trek strong enough or durable enough ? I am a novice at this , so certainly would need some advice !

I was just a little concerned about the Trek being compromised in strength and quality.


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I would have no worries about using either of them. Both are going to be plenty strong for your uses.
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