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    ok so later today i'm going to go to the LBS and see about changing out my stem. The one I have right now is the one that came with the Trek Utopia. It angles upward some, I don't know how much but I was thinking I'd like a 0 degree stem better so i can get in a more aero position. What do you think? Right now i have these handlebars that have a little rise in them but i'll be changing them out for either a road bike handlebar or a flat bar with no rise so it'll put me more level with the stem too. This girl at the bike shop said since i bought it reciently i can swap it out.
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    Sounds like you have a plan. Or you could get an ajustable stem, or you could turn yours over then it would angle down, and thay have different angles and lenths, lots of ways to go.