Stopping to appreciate. Thanks, Andy! Thanks, DnvrFox!

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    Although I'm a cycle tourist, I've learned that I'm really not inclined to stop when I'm out riding. Pretty much ever, photo ops excepted. Although I bring plenty of food along whenever I ride, I don't eat as often as I should, and when I do, it usually looks like me horking a Clif bar while straddling my bike trailside following a photo op. I cram pieces into my cheeks like a d@mned squirrel so I can get back on the pedals and underway while continuing to masticate. I just love to go.

    Although he hasn't been around the site as much of late, I had the pleasure of meeting DnvrFox twice out on the trail while living in his area. For those who don't know, Dnvr had a special needs son named Andy. I never met Andy, but Dnvr spoke of him frequently. Andy loved to ride a trike in his younger years, and following his recent passing, Dnvr chose to remember him in part by putting up a bench in his honor on a local greenway. Although I wasn't able to attend Andy's services or the bench's dedication, I did mark its location when Dnvr shared it.

    Once while out pulling my trailer with canine companion Chip, I stopped at Andy's bench and made a point to get off the bike and take a seat while I ate my bar somewhat more slowly than usual. I just sat there and soaked in the peace of the greenway for a few minutes, appreciating how fortunate I am to have access to it, and to possess the physical ability to take advantage of it. It sounds like a small thing.

    That was last year, before Mrs. Newleaf and I sold our old home and bought a new one in a different part of Denver's suburbs. I haven't forgotten Andy or his bench, though. So it came to be that last month, when the time came to stop and break out the food, I spotted another bench. I remembered, and stopped. It wasn't Andy's bench, but it didn't need to be.

    I just needed the mindset, the reminder, to stop and take a moment. As great as it is to spin through mile after mile of road and trail, there's a lot to be said for stopping and getting off the bike, too. Taking a moment to appreciate the river, the trees, the sense of natural quiet in the midst of a major metropolitan area. Or whatever it is that your area has to offer.

    As much as I love my saddle time, I was missing the stopping and enjoying part. I still need to get better at it, but thanks to Andy and DnvrFox, I have been reminded that it matters. Thank you, Andy, may you rest in peace. Thank you DnvrFox, may many more happy, safe miles lie in your future.
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    ^That is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
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    Very nice newleaf. I bet many of us can learn right along with you.

    It's good that you remember Andy, even though you aren't in his area.