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What do you guys think about cyclist rolling through or stopping at stop signs when riding? I've heard a lot of varying opinions from both sides. Do you think cyclist should come to a complete stop or is it ok for them to roll through at a stop sign or red light?
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I will have to stay stop. A lot of bike riders complain that the cars are not treating them right. They don't share the road. The don't show us respect while we are on our bikes. Yet they yell that they have the same rights as a car. Well if you want the respect, if you want them to share the road, and you want them to give you the same right of way they give other cars then you have to act as such and follow all of the rules of the road just as a car does.

Do I stop everytime? Nope Do I follow the rules every time? Nope. but I can't complain about them being big dummies if I act like a big dummy.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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