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What do you guys think about cyclist rolling through or stopping at stop signs when riding? I've heard a lot of varying opinions from both sides. Do you think cyclist should come to a complete stop or is it ok for them to roll through at a stop sign or red light?
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I stop most of the time, but most of mine are street crossings while on a rail-trail. On most of those, traffic stops/slows as I get there and waves me on. In those cases I am slowing down then headed back up to speed when traffic waves me on. Stop lights always get stopped at, but occasionally I do cross on the red when there is no traffic.

I agree that we need to show respect to the rules of the road in order to expect respect from cars/trucks on the road. We can't complain about others not following the rules if we don't either.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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