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What do you guys think about cyclist rolling through or stopping at stop signs when riding? I've heard a lot of varying opinions from both sides. Do you think cyclist should come to a complete stop or is it ok for them to roll through at a stop sign or red light?
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My stopping on my bike is nearly identical to how I drive my car, if it's a stop sign on a quiet side street or an intersection where it is pretty obvious no one is coming I will slow down to make sure it's safe then roll through it. The only time I tend to ride right through a stop sign is at a 4 way stop on a big climb, but in that situation 9/10th of the time any waiting traffic will be waving me on before I even get to the chance to stop. My part of the world is pretty flat and people seem to love seeing cyclists go after the few decent sized hills in the area.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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