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    What’s included:

    First up, there’s a bunch of stuff in today’s announcement (Side note: Why announce a cool thing on a Friday afternoon? Isn’t the rule to only announce uncool things on Friday afternoons?), but the most interesting one is a partnership with an insurance company called ‘Sundays Insurance’.

    The main portion of this announcement is a new Strava Premium membership ‘Perks’ page, which lists all sorts of deals for Strava premium memberships. We’ve seen Strava do cycling and running partnerships and giveaways and such for some time, but this is a specific section of deals that only Premium members can take advantage of. Some of them aren’t fully filled out yet, but it’s a start.

    In any case, there’s one about the insurance that I mentioned, and in that section it specifically calls out a pile of benefits:

    – $50 reimbursement for travel as the result of an accident or mechanical breakdown
    – Free race-entry reimbursement for runners
    – Device coverage and discounts on bike
    – Travel, life and health insurance


    The Devils in the Details:

    “You will not qualify for the service if:
    ● Accidental damage is sustained while the device was not logged into Strava’s platform while a monitored cycling activity was in process when the event occurred.
    ● If your Device is stolen or accidentally or unintentionally lost.
    ● There is a breakdown or technical/performance failure of any kind not directly caused by an accident.
    ● Your Device is damaged as a result of accidentally coming into contact with any liquid.
    ● Your Device is older than 24 months at the time of the accident.
    ● The damage is cosmetic (does not impede functionality), including scratches and dents.
    ● The serial number has been tampered with in any way.
    ● You have already used this service within your membership period.
    ● You can’t provide proof of the damage sustained to your bicycle or of the medical treatment you received as a result of the Accident.”
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    On the same page as a list of premium member codes can be used such as this. There are several more but as they show the codes I'll do Strava good and not post those :) prolly wouldn't hurt but...
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    They sent me an email, I spent less time reading it than I did on this thread. It didn't look like any real value to me.