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Discussion in 'General Bike Discussion' started by BlueXJ, May 5, 2009.

  1. BlueXJ

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    I want to lose weight and that is the reason for the bike. On a fixed income so need some direction on what to buy. All the terain here is as flat as a pancake so a mountain bike seems a waste.
  2. BigDumbBear

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    A road bike on flat roads and long rides is a great way to loose weight. As far as bike reccomendations, it depends on how much money you have and what fits you and your style. Get an idea of your budget, then hit the bike shop and try a few on. OOoooor, hitthe yard sales and pick up an old road bike for ten bucks. You're likely gonna spend another hundred dollars getting new tubes, tires, cables, chain, and other things like that... So be prepared to spend a few bucks.

  3. monty73741

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    Honestly, biking is great for loosing wieght but. you have to remeber on thing. you can ride all you want & not loose weight. First basic thing is a basic meal plan. I call it a meal plan cause diet has a bad connotation. I;m on a five day a week diet. I stay on my meal plan on mon-friday & weekends i go off of it. I dont over eat i just dont watch what i am eating. Their are alot of free sources for a meal plan on the web. You need to get your body to the flight or fight response. Sprints, switching up riding & walking/running. your body wont know what is going on so instead of building lean muscle it will eat fat
  4. tajcrews

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    If you are on a budget check out a used on at either a bike shop that sells used bikes or somewhere like a Play it Again Sports.
  5. TxCyclist

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    Wal-Mart has a fairly inexpensive line of Schwinn road and mountain bikes. Quality is so-so but they are cheap and will get tires on the road fast.

    Else check Craigslist for better quality bikers used. Let us know a model and we will give you advice about it.
  6. 47Steve

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    My son got a Walmart Schwinn road bike, they call it Schwinn Varsity, and for what he paid, it's good. Aluminum frame, skinny tires, pretty good seat.
  7. wildroot

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    If you go to Wally World, Dick's or Sports Authority, a decent 1st bike can be had for about $180 last time I checked. It will probably have a suspension fork but stay away from disc brakes, rear suspension and suspension seat posts.
  8. riderman14

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    make sure it fits you

    if you do dicide to get a used bike,which is just fine,make sure you know that it will fit YOU! talk to an expert from one of your local bike shops and find out your ideal size.then buy what you want according to what fits you!riding a bike that isnt your size,and not properly ajusted to fit you ,will do more harm than good! consider a mid-priced hybred if your terrain is mat want to get off the pavement sometimes. ride on
  9. hophead

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    Check out your LBS!

    Good used bikes can be had as well. Check out Craigs List or your local classified ads or even bike forums like this. Probably half the bikes that I own were used. I would only go used if you are good with a wrench and already have a good idea of what type and size bike you want.

    If you are not good with a wrench, I would avoid box store bikes. You might be able to find a deal on a decent bike there that fits your needs, but most of those box stores will not be staffed with a good bike mechanic or have salespeople who know bikes. Service after the initial sale is key since bikes do need periodic maintainence & adjustments.

    Like riderman already suggested, a hybrid might be just what you need. They are a cross between a mtn bike and road bike. You won't be riding any centuries or technical singletrack on one, but for general transportation and fitness, a hybrid should work well for you. Check out your local bike shop. If you're lucky and the box stores haven't put them out of business, there should be at least one or two around that you can check out. In my experience, most LBS's are staffed with friendly knowledgeable people who also ride bikes and want you to be happy with whatever bike you buy. Many even offer free adjustments for a period of time or some even lifetime.

    Good luck finding a new ride!
  10. sandlynx

    sandlynx sandlynx

    I'd recommend the LBS too. They will measure you and tell you exactly what size bike will fit you properly, and talk with you enough to find out what you really what to use the bike for, and suggest what might be a best starter bike for you. (An improperly fitted bike is the main reason most people ride a few times, then put the bike in the garage forever.) And, they won't sell you a piece of junk. It's not good for business. They want you to come back--happy. Their bike will be a little more pricey than the big-box stores, but not really when you consider that within a few months of buying that cheap big-box bike, you'll be replacing components, so you're not really saving anything by buying cheap. The LBS will guide you to some low-end bikes that will make you happy. Plus, they'll even teach you how to ride it, how to use the shifters, basic maintenance, etc, some riding techniques too, and all for free.
  11. Michigander

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    Bikes are like cars when it comes to buying them. Money spent on brand new ones is wasted.
  12. Industry_Hack

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    Depends on what you get. My Scion xB has held its value very well. When I bought it new, the dealers were out of certain colors, and people were paying more for used ones than I paid for one off the lot.